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What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning?

What Is the Difference Between Commercial and Residential Cleaning?

A lot of people are wondering what the difference is between commercial and residential cleaning. 

A good way to think about this is that residential cleaning consists of a full household domestic cleaning, whereas commercial cleaning may consist of something more like an intense deep-clean or some other type of specialty service. 

An example would be if your company specialises in window washing, they might offer both residential cleaning and commercial services.

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What is Commercial Cleaning?

The cleaning services that you get from a commercial cleaning company like Woodcroft Enterprise are more for business-related cleaning. Commercial cleaning encompasses such things as hazardous waste cleanup, office trash cleanup, as well as heavy cleaning. 

Because of this, there is a misconception that if you hire them for the job, their cleaning will be better. Unlike residential cleaning companies, commercial cleaning companies clean differently from residential companies. 

Residential cleaning services should be used by those who need them instead of those who think commercial companies will do better.

Commercial cleaning can refer to many different things – it can be anything from cleaning office buildings, factories, business parks, restaurants, and other similar types of facilities. 

It’s usually scheduled on an ongoing basis (weekly or bi-weekly) but may also include special services like spring/deep cleans or move-out cleans.

Commercial cleaners use heavy-duty equipment like floor buffers and power washers, while residential cleaners use vacuum cleaner attachments and mops with just water. Third, the frequency of work differs as well. 


Activities Involved in Commercial Cleaning

A commercial cleaner is responsible for cleaning much larger spaces. A cleaning company may clean a whole school, a whole warehouse, or a whole office building. 

Accordingly, commercial cleaning is pretty time-consuming and more labour-intensive. It is typically a service offered by businesses and commercial establishments. 

There are many different kinds of commercial buildings, including offices, shops, warehouses, and medical facilities. 

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What is Residential Cleaning?

Residential cleaning is a specialised type of cleaning. It can include housekeeping, carpet care, upholstery care, and other services. 

The best way to clean your home is by hiring professionals who have the skills required to do so effectively. 

Residential cleaning services specialise in cleaning your house, including your floors, bedrooms, and bathrooms. 

A commercial cleaning service may clean an office, building, or retail store. Cleaning a retail store differs significantly from cleaning a home. 

The Residential cleaning services tend to be more detail-oriented and diligent. With a focus on cleaning the type of mess you might find inside a home, they are more suited to cleaning your house.

Residential cleaning is different from commercial cleaning in some significant ways. First, the scope of work is different. 

Residential cleaners are responsible for cleaning a smaller space than commercial cleaners who clean an entire office or store. Second, the tools needed are also different. 

A professional residential housekeeper will come every week or two weeks, depending on how dirty your home gets during that time. 

In contrast, a commercial cleaner may only need to visit once per month or less often, depending on the size of their job site.

Activities Involved in Residential Cleaning

A residential cleaner cleans stuff only found in houses. That’s stuff like living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. 

This is why residential cleaning typically takes up less space than commercial cleaning. It’s a place where families live, so it’s called residential cleaning.

When cleaning the homes, you are asked to give the customers a list of what they need to include. 

It helps in knowing exactly what you are supposed to clean at the customer’s home. There should be a list of exactly what will be cleaned at the customer’s house on your website, along with its cost.

Cleaning effectiveness is also evidently different. Residential cleaners near you may use their own, or the client’s standards when carrying out their tasks, whereas commercial cleaners use the latest technology to provide rigorous cleaning that meets rigid standards.


Last and perhaps most importantly, most commercial cleaners are insured and bonded, which means any loss or damage during their routine cleaning procedures is covered. 

Residential cleaners may not be insured, which means that they must repay expenses incurred by damage to property or theft directly or risk having to bear these costs on their own.

Residential cleaning has become increasingly popular over recent years as it offers a complete service tailored specifically for you. 

We can. In contrast, we offer same-day services, which means that if you need an urgent clean, we will be there on time! 

With our flexible booking system, residential cleaning in Melbourne is available 24/7, meaning no matter what time of day it is – we’ll be there with all the tools required for the job!