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Post-Construction Cleaning Guide

Post-Construction Cleaning Guide

Post-construction cleaninConstruction is finally; time to finally relax and enjoy the quality and magnificence of the work done, right? Wrong! Just because construction is over doesn’t mean the property is ready for use. Post-construction cleaning has to be carried out to ensure that the space is clean and safe.

Post-construction cleanups are done for both full construction projects and renovation projects. It is not just done for the sake of safety. It also helps to bring out the full beauty of the project. 

This post will provide a step-by-step guide on how to properly clean your property after construction.

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Post-construction Cleaning Personal Protective Equipment

Construction sites are potentially hazardous areas that require the use of PPE in order to clean them. Construction debris such as broken glass, nails, or other sharp objects may lie around after the construction and pose a great risk to cleaners. The following PPE is needed in Post-construction cleanups:

  1. Dust masks
  2. Rubber gloves
  3. Eyeshield
  4. Rubber-soled shoes

Cleaning Tools Required

The kind of equipment you’ll need for post-construction cleaning depends on the nature of the mess left. However, there are some general tools one should expect to use.

  1. Vacuum-cleaner
  2. Floor polisher
  3. Power washer
  4. Carpet cleaner
  5. Trash bags

Steps in Post-construction Cleanup

  • Declutter the area

Before getting started with the cleaning, it is important to organise the place. This makes the cleaning process faster and more efficient. Move large items out of the area so that every spot will get cleaned at once.

  • Rough Cleaning

This has to do with removing all debris and loose dust from the premises. This step does not necessarily clean up the space, but it removes the majority of the large dirt, making it ready for deep cleaning. It involves the removal of stains such as paint and adhesive residue, sweeping/vacuuming the floors, and removing any stickers from glasses and frames.

  • Deep Cleaning

Once the premises have been cleared by rough cleaning, it sets the stage for a more thorough deep cleaning which removes all the remaining dirt. This involves cleaning the windows, glass doors, kitchens and bathrooms. Carpets are also washed, and light fixtures, bulbs, ceiling fans, vents and HVAC filters are cleaned.

  • Touch-up Clean

This is usually carried out a few days after the deep cleaning. It is done to remove fine dust and fingerprints that may appear on surfaces such as mirrors, windows and furnitures. A damp microfibre cloth is used to wipe these surfaces to remove any remaining signs of construction.

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In Conclusion

Post-construction cleaning is similar to regular cleaning, but it can get tricky because it has to do with cleaning construction wastes like paint, adhesives, cement,  and regular dirt. This makes it too difficult for most people to handle on their own, so we recommend that you hire a professional cleaning service near you.

At Woodcroft Enterprises, we have the right equipment and a team of committed cleaners with the experience and expertise to clean up the construction mess and make the premises ready for use. So why worry? Just Contact Us, and we’ll be right there when you need us.