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<strong>How To Clean Your Break Room Efficiently</strong>
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How To Clean Your Break Room Efficiently

The break room is one of the most infected areas in the workplace. It sees a lot of traffic daily and is prone to messes such as food crumbs, drink spillage, and other kinds of trash. Given that bacteria and other microorganisms thrive on food crumbs, the break room can quickly become a hotbed for germs and threaten the health of your employees. Regular cleaning of your break room keeps food crumbs, spills and other debris to a minimum.

This post will highlight the benefits of a clean break room and explain how you can clean your break room efficiently.

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Benefits Of A Clean Break Room

  • A clean break room improves the morale of your employees. Everyone will feel happy to have their lunch or work break in a clean and tidy space that smells nice.
  • Cleaning your break room reduces the chances of pest infestation in your office. Pests like roaches, rats and flies are attracted to messy areas with food particles everywhere.
  • Reduces the risk of slipping and falling due to spills.
  • Eliminates bad odour from the break room
  • Encourages employees to spend more time together during break time instead of running off to different restaurants.

How to Clean Your Break Room Efficiently

Cleaning your break room is essential to keeping it clean and hygienic. The more often you follow a daily cleaning schedule, the faster the cleaning will become. If you hire a professional cleaning team to handle your daily cleaning, you’ll have this task taken care of for you. If you need to have your staff take care of the break room cleaning, then you’ll need to make a cleaning plan and implement a strict policy on break room cleaning.

  • Assign the break room cleaning task to a person or group each day or week.
  • Some general break room cleaning tasks should be made compulsory for all your employees.
  • Everyone in the office should carry out tasks such as cleaning up before they leave the break room if they make a mess, washing the dishes immediately after using them, and disposing of the trash before it piles up.

Cleaning Break Room Appliances

To keep break room appliances looking good and functional at all times, clean them as often as possible. Here’s a quick rundown

  • Microwave – If food stains are inside, heat a bowl of water and vinegar solution until it steams, then wipe the inside clean. Clean and disinfect the exterior well to eliminate greasy stains and germs.
  • Refrigerator – Dispose of old food, clean dirty containers, and wipe shelves. Clean the outside with a disinfecting spray to prevent the spread of food contaminants and germs.
  • Toaster or Toaster Oven – Bring out the catch tray and wash away old toast and burnt debris. Wipe the exterior to eliminate grime and germs.

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In Conclusion

The easiest way to maintain a clean break room is to hire a professional cleaning team to clean your office daily. If you want a commercial cleaning company to handle all your cleaning needs, then Woodcroft Enterprises is your best option. Let us take care of the cleaning work while you focus on growing your business.