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Best Practices For Keeping A Health Facility Clean

Best Practices For Keeping A Health Facility Clean

Unlike in other sectors, the word ‘clean’ in healthcare does not just mean the state of being free of dirt. It also means the absence of disease-causing microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. Healthcare-associated infections (HAI) have been one of the biggest threats in medical care since time immemorial. It can completely derail an otherwise excellent patient experience and even cause secondary infections. That is why health facility cleaning is a critical part of medical care.

Most people are usually very sensitive about their health. A clean medical facility helps to lift your patient’s spirits and prevents the spread of germs among patients and staff. 

This article will provide a cleaning guide to ensure your health facility is always clean and safe.

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Perform Good Hand Hygiene

Medical personnel’s hands transmit many germs that cause infection. In fact, 80 per cent of infections are transmitted by hands making hand hygiene a necessity in hospitals. Neglecting hand hygiene can cause a tray or wheelchair to be as contaminated as a bedsheet. Clean your hands with hand sanitiser or soap and water when entering and exiting a patient’s room.

Disinfect High-Traffic Areas Regularly

High-traffic areas, such as the waiting rooms, are prone to accumulating bacteria, mites and other germs. Wipe down furniture and other surfaces in these areas with hospital-grade disinfectants at regular intervals.

Medical facilities’ most common high-traffic areas include drawer and door handles, faucets, counters, and chairs. The same applies to speciality rooms such as X-ray areas and operating rooms. Focus the cleaning on phones, computer devices, clipboards, counters, door handles and elevator buttons in the reception area.

Clean the Bathroom Thoroughly

Although it might seem like common knowledge, bathrooms often get forgotten, especially when the hospital is very busy. People will judge your clinic’s attitude towards hygiene from the state of your restrooms. Patients will feel uneasy about getting treatment in a clinic with a messy bathroom.

Check restrooms regularly. Set a strict cleaning schedule and ensure the cleaning team adheres to it. Toilet seats, sinks, showers and other fixtures must be routinely disinfected. Also, stock the bathrooms with cleaning supplies like paper towels, soap and toilet paper at all times.

Organise the Reception Area

It’s essential to have a well-organised reception area. It gives your patients an excellent first impression of your facility and boosts your image. 

Remove all irrelevant paperwork from the reception desk. Put files that are not in use into a drawer or shelf. Most importantly, disinfect the surfaces patients use to fill out forms or other materials.

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In Conclusion

The state of your health facility reflects the quality of service you are providing. It shows that you’re not in it for profit and are committed to safety. Keeping a clean clinic benefits your patients and boosts your productivity by ensuring that non of your staff fall sick due to an infection from work.

The best way to ensure your facility is always clean and safe is by hiring a professional health facility cleaning service like Woodcroft Enterprises. We take the burden of cleaning off your shoulders and allow you to focus on providing medical care.