• Green cleaning – how not to muck it up

    Green cleaning is fast becoming a lost opportunity for improved performance
 and efficiency, unless facility managers learn how to specify, monitor and promote it correctly. Bridget Gardner, director of Fresh Green Clean, Australia’s leading consultancy in sustainable cleaning practices, details how. In 2008, when the term ‘green’ represented all things innovative and modern, the facilities sector witnessed a growth spurt...more>

    By admin / September 09, 2015

  • The confusing world of asset maintenance planning

    Rodney Timm, director of Property Beyond, demystifies the perpetual confusion and misunderstanding surrounding life cycle replacement and asset management models. The credibility of the facilities management industry is at stake with ongoing confusion around planning for asset maintenance and budgets. Sector specialists, seeing the frustration of organisations and governments-related maintenance planning, have started to develop life cycle replacement and asset management...more>

    By admin / September 09, 2015

  • Outsourcing small requirements: does it work?

    RODNEY TIMM of Property Beyond questions whether outsourcing of facilities and leasing services for a small portfolio of leases has any real impact. The scenario often plays out – a new CEO wanting to cut costs and make his mark in an organisation looks around to find sacrificial lambs. Property and facilities services are often on top of the list (‘what...more>

    By admin / September 09, 2015


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